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We are redefining college by raising up a generation of world-changers; offering hands-on leadership training alongside a private university education at one of the top 100 largest churches in America.

Become the Leader God
is Calling You to Be

JRLC is the perfect environment for students to develop as a leader. Students have the opportunity to work closely with experts in a thriving and supportive community where they are valued and believed in.

Receive Hands-On Leadership Training and a University Education, Together

Be better equipped for your future by earning a 61 credit-hour Associates Degree in Leadership, while gaining practical leadership training.

Grow in Your Relationship with God

Experience a greater love for Jesus and His Church through the life-changing conferences, dynamic weekly services, and exciting chapels of James River Church.

Develop Your Strengths and
Live Out Your Calling

Cultivate your strengths and increase your confidence in God’s plan for your life through hands-on experience in a world-class organization.

Our Students Love JRLC, and You Will Too!

JRLC takes you to the next level of your leadership. Through serving in James River Church, I have learned that leading others is founded on first serving others. Serving and leading not only changes and strengthens you from the inside, it has the capability to impact and encourage the world around you for the name of Jesus!

Part of being a JRLC student is experiencing and being a part of a breathless awe of the endless possibilities of our mighty God. I’ve been empowered and strengthened in my journey with the Lord since the moment I stepped on campus. There’s no better way to build a foundation of ministry than to be surrounded by people who love on you, guide you, and believe in the impossible with you. This is exactly what my JRLC family did for me!

Not only do I get to watch God move here at JRLC but I get to be apart of it. I get to see God’s hand over every part of my own ministry and the ministry of the family I have gained here. Through all of the trials and triumphs I have seen while at JRLC I have watched God exceed all of my beliefs and expectations! There is no where else I would rather be than at JRLC!

Join Our Leadership College Family
and Build a Foundation for Your Future.

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