Invest in the Next Generation Through the

Youth & Kids Practicum

Make a lasting difference in the lives of children through the Youth & Kids Practicum. This practicum is perfect for those wanting to go into youth or kids ministry, teaching, or childcare. Receive a holistic understands of all that goes into the ministry or raising up the next generation in either our youth or kids stream.

Learn from the Pastors of the Premiere Youth and Kids Ministry

With over 1,000 students between youth and kids departments, James River Church is a national leader in these ministries. As a student, you learn directly from the leaders who make it happen.

“All of the information that I have soaked up from these leaders will impact how I plan to run a youth ministry in the future.”

Karlee Huber goes in to detail on how the things she has learned in the Youth Practicum will shape her for her future ministry.

Karlee Huber - Youth & Kids Practicum

Change the Lives of Students in One of Our Streams

Youth Stream

In the Youth Stream, students learn everything a youth pastor needs to know on how to run a great youth ministry. This stream is designed for those who want to make a difference in the lives of junior high and high school students.

Message Preparation

See how our youth pastors prepare for messages and announcements.

Volunteers & Guests

Be a part of coordinating volunteers and hosting guests at Realife Student Ministries.

Service Planning

In the Youth Stream, you learn how to plan, organize, and outwork services and events.


Through student Life Groups, you are able to disciple students in a small group setting.

Kids Stream

For those who love teaching and investing in children the Kids Stream offers a unique opportunity to see how James River Church develops and nurtures children to be life long followers of Jesus. The Kids Stream offers opportunities to work our pre-school and special needs programs as well.

Develop Curriculum

Help develop and teach curriculum for children in our early-childhood, pre-school, and elementary age ministries.

Event Planning

In the Kids Stream, you are a part of planning and producing kids events that touch the lives of children and their parents.

Sermon Illustrations

Be a part of illustrating children messages through fun acting and drama that kids love.


Learn how we use technology to make checking kids in a fast, safe, and efficient process for parents.

“Being a part of the Youth Practicum has allowed me to gain practical hands on experience that allows me to further my calling into youth ministry. And it’s incredible to see how many students are being impacted because of how God is using me!”

“Being in the Kids Practicum, I have learned through my practicum that having a servants heart is about paying attention to even the smallest details of what needs to be done! Kids Practicum is awesome!”

“From being in the Kids Practicum, I have fallen more in love with God and the children I work with. I have also gained lifelong friends, and have experienced incredible opportunity I love the Kids Practicum!”

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