Learn to Lead Through Song in the

Worship Practicum

James River Church holds prayer and worship as one of its core values. Through the Worship Practicum you are able to experience operating within a worship ministry at one of largest churches in the United States. Here you have worship opportunities in a variety of venues and learn not just how to play music, but how to truly lead in worship on and off stage.

Work Directly with the Worship Director of James River Church

Not only are students able to work with the worship team, but they are mentored by the director of our worship ministry who pours into each student. Our prayer is for every student to realize their full-potential individually and capitalize on their own talents.

“Being a worship leader is more than just singing a song on stage, it is about leading people into the presence of God.”

Courtney Sneed talks about the things she has learned and the opportunities she has received in the Worship Practicum.

Play in Weekly Services and Chapels

Through the Worship Practicum, students have the potential to lead worship in front of thousands. Students have numerous opportunities to be rostered on the worship team at weekly services and events. Also, our chapel worship is entirely produced by our students.

Opportunities to Tour
with Our Promo Team

Every year the JRLC promo team visits churches and events to execute outreaches. Many of our Worship Practicum students are invited to travel and lead worship at these extraordinary events.

Understand Audio Engineering and Recording

Our students are exposed to more than just playing music, they learn all the logistics involved in audio production for live events and recorded tracks.

“In my first semester here at JRLC, God has already opened up the doors for me to pursue my calling of becoming a worship leader. I absolutely love the Worship Practicum and I am learning so much here!”

“I absolutely love JRLC. Being in the Worship Practicum has stretched and pulled me past limits I never thought I had. I have a passion to see people changed by the presence of God and JRLC has given me extra ordinary opportunities to do so!”

“Here at JRLC, instead of getting the life I thought I wanted, I ended up getting the life I needed. I love this school, it’s people, and the opportunity to lead people into worship week after week! I love the Worship Practicum!”

Join Our Worship Ministry,
by Becoming a JRLC Student.

All practicums take place at James River Church.


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