Grow as a Ministry Leader in the

Pastoral Leadership Practicum

Be immersed in the ongoing work that is influencing the lives of thousands through our Pastoral Leadership Practicum. This practicum is perfect for those wanting to become a pastor, social worker, or missionary. Grow in your ability to invest in the lives of people in ministry and learn about the day-to-day operations are in our adult ministry, community care, or missions streams.

Learn from Experts in Leadership

This practicum enables you to work alongside the high-capacity leaders of James River Church, who are impacting the lives of thousands on a regular basis. Their heart is to mentor and develop your strengths so that you can lead and impact your world in every sphere of life.

“I never have a day where I do not want to go to practicum.”

Daniel Swickard explains how he has grown and what he has learned during his time in the Pastoral Practicum.

Flourish in Any of Our Pastoral Leadership Streams

Adult Ministries Stream

The adult ministry stream is where students are a part of changing the lives of people by leading them to Jesus and helping them grow in their new found relationship with Him.

Reach the Lost

Our students get to be a part of seeing thousands make decisions for Christ through our alter team, where they get to pray with the lost and welcome them into the Kingdom of God.

Disciple New Believers

The adult ministry stream makes it possible to be a part of baptizing new believers and helping them start their walk with Christ by facilitating New Believers and Living Free Classes.

Connect People to the Church

Students receive an in-depth understanding of how to create community at church through Life Groups. Learning to organize and develop groups, as well as seeing the importance of connecting people is key in this area.

Assist in Leading Events

Whether it be inspiring weekly services or our inspiring Men’s Conference, Stronger, our adult ministries stream helps make it happen from planning to logistics.

Community Care Stream

The community care stream is perfect for those who are passionate about meeting the practical needs of the community.

One Heart

The One Heart ministry at James River serves our community by offering groceries and toiletries for those in need. Students are a part of the organization and distribution of these items.

Community Outreach

Our community care stream gets the opportunity to love our city through outreaches and social service projects, such as disaster relief and homeless shelters.

Serving the Church

When someone from our church body is in need, we do everything we can to help. Our students enjoy being a part of meeting the needs of people when they are experiencing financial or personal difficulty.

Missions Stream

The missions stream allows students to see what all goes into planning and organizing missions trips. This includes opportunities to work with active missionaries, and to raise funds to support their efforts in reaching the nations.

Plan Missions Trips

The missions stream allows students to be apart of the planning and preparation of church wide missions trips. Our students get to see how to arrange travel plans and communicate with the organizations we work with.

Coordinate Requests for Missions Trips

When someone wants to be a part of a missions trip, our students get to be a part of making that happen for them by processing their request and communicating logistics with them.

Support Needs of Missionaries

Our students are able to be a part of the ongoing support James River provides to many active missionaries around the globe. When missionaries visit us, our students get face time with these people to learn from their experiences.

“The most important thing I have learned in the Pastoral Practicum is to be in constant prayer about everything. No matter how mundane it may seem, it matters to God. This practicum has also taught me that people have needs,and when they come into the church, those needs should be met. I have learned so much from this practicum!”

“It’s amazing what JRLC has done for my life. Coming here has totally transformed the way I think about the local church and I have learned so much! I love it here, and through the Pastoral Practicum I have had the opportunity to intern under leaders I never thought I would even get to interact with! “

“Through the Pastoral Practicum, I get to see a side of the church that I have a huge heart for. Learning under pastoral staff here has been great! I enjoy the amount of wisdom that these pastors have, which challenges me to strive to learn as much as I can while I can. I am so glad I chose the Pastoral Practicum!”

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