Grow as a Creative Communicator in the

Communications Practicum

The Communications Practicum provides a holistic understanding of everything communications. From multi-media to live production, you are a part of the creation and production process at James River Church. The communications practicum is perfect for those wanting to excel in video, photography, graphic design, marketing, and live production.

Gain Insights from the Creative and Production Team of James River Church

The Communications Practicum allows you to learn from our creative professionals through frequent sessions and Q&As. Learn secrets behind James River Church’s creative projects, marketing, story telling, content, branding, and production.

“We learned so much more than just the technical things, we learned the ‘why’ of everything James River Church does.”

Deborah Perez tells of her experiences and opportunities she has had in the Communications Practicum.

Be a Part of Video Productions

Our Communications Practicum students help in the filming of college and church video productions that are seen by thousands of people.

Learn the Ins-and-Outs
of Live Production

Students are involved in producing spectacular productions known world wide. From lighting and audio to camera operation and video projection, you will experience all aspects of live production.

Camera Operation

Learn how to operate cameras for live events and team communication for live video streaming.

Audio Engineering

See how to produce the audio for speakers, bands, and motion graphics in events using state-of-the-art equipment.

Stage Lighting

Shadow lighting experts to see how they create the atmosphere for major events.

Develop Your Photography
and Graphic Design Skills

James River Church is a leader in creative design. Your experience within the Communications Practicum will enable you to grow in your photography and graphic design skills. This practicum give you experience in the processes and work flows of the creative team and its major projects.

“Being apart of the Communications Practicum has taken my talents and given me opportunities to develop them. Within the first week of being in this practicum I was already behind a camera in a service that held more than a thousand people!”

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“In the Communications Practicum you are always involved. Whether it’s a Women’s Conference, the Christmas production, the October 31st Party, or a Youth Convention, we get the opportunity to experience it all first hand!”

“Since coming to the Communications Practicum, I have been able to share that message in the production pieces that I put out whether it’s through photography, video, graphic designs, or live production. I love this practicum! ”

Join Our Creative Team,
by Becoming a JRLC Student.

All practicums take place at James River Church.


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