Learn How Business and
Ministry Work Together in the

Business Internships Practicum

Join the team and gain hands-on training and experience in the unique areas that best suit you. Business Internships are perfect for the future entrepreneurs, event planners, project managers, and administrators of the world. If you are looking to be mentored by experts in business and events with a Christian worldview, look no further.

Work Alongside The Leadership of James River Church

Business Internships are where unique mentoring opportunities exist. Gain opportunities to work with staff on a consistent basis that help you to understand what happens behind the scenes.

“I never pushed a mail cart around, or picked up coffee for the office, or ran errands. It was actually the complete opposite.”

Giancarlo Ospina shares how his experiences as an intern helped him in his business.

G.O. - Business Internship

Find Your Place in Any of Our Business Internship Streams

Business Stream

The Business Stream provides students with an overview of the operations and management of one of the largest churches in the United States. For the entrepreneur, this stream will help equip you with an great understanding of ethical business practices to carry into your profession.


Our students learn how to track inventory for new orders, administrate daily operations and logistics.


Our Business stream sees how to manage store fronts, lead teams, and conduct internal communications.

Customer Relations

Within our Cafes and Resource Centers our students learn how work with customers and process sales.

HR & Accounting

Behind every high-functioning organization is Human Resources and Accounting. Our students are given opportunities to learn our hiring and accounting process.

Events Stream

The Events Stream gives you an inside look at what goes on behind the scenes in making major events and conferences happen. It is the perfect fit for those who love thinking through the details and organizing events that change lives.


Learn how to roll out the red carpet for guests and treat them in a way that makes them feel like family.


Discover how to recruit, train, and roster hundreds of volunteers for events and services.

Event Coordination

See how to plan, organize, and outwork the details of major church-wide events at James River Church.


Be equipped with an understanding of the registration process for big events.

One-On-One Internships

After a students first semester at JRLC, they may be requested by one of over 100 staff members at James River Church to have a one-on-one internship. These internships offer higher levels of opportunity where a specific position is learned, such as administration, marketing, or leadership. Many students find themselves managing large projects, joining in the strategic planning process, and coordinating departmental needs.

Area  Specific Training

Learn the specific skills associated with your profession of interest from the professionals who are currently doing it.

Project Management

One-on-one internships allows you to not only be a part of big projects, but to oversee projects and see the impact they make in the bigger picture.

Leadership Development

The close leadership connection you have with your oversight allows you to grow in your leadership ability at an accelerated rate.


Gain experience in the day-to-day operations of a specific role by learning all the administrative tasks associated with it.

“Being an LC intern has helped me not only to get closer and trust God, but it has also helped me be able to tear down walls around my heart to trust other people!”

Amazing Blogs - Management and Editor

“As an LC intern in the JRLC offices, I have had the chance to help with  events.It has allowed me opportunities to work alongside JRLC staff; the ability to learn from them and help put things together. “

“JRLC is not your average school, it’s a community. When you join this place you become a part of a bigger family! Being an LC intern has stretched me beyond all I could ever imagine!”

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