Trevor Ball, 20-year-old sophomore at JRLC walked into James River Church’s Designed for Life Women’s Conference not expecting that God could change his life—but God, being beyond anything we can think or imagine, did not let Trevor’s expectations limit His power to do something incredible.

“I figured my role wasn’t important,” Trevor said, in speaking about the job he had as a DFL volunteer. “…and to be honest, I was worried that I would be bored.” He was volunteering as an Auditorium Host, someone who sat in on the conference and helped women to their seats. On the first night of DFL, Trevor watched as women from across the nation, and even globe, began to come into J. Q. Hammons Arena and it was in that moment that his perspective changed. The Lord began speaking to Trevor and reminded him of this verse, “Now therefore stand still and see this great thing that the LORD will do before your eyes (1 Samuel 12:16).” God was saying to Trevor:

“You aren’t here to do anything, you are here to watch me do something.”

Trevor listened. He began to sit back, relax, and enjoy the display of God’s extravagant power, presence and passion.

He watched as women were united as a sisterhood in friendship, heart, and purpose.

He watched as over 7,000 women sang in unison to the words, “…Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders…”

He watched as woman all over John Q. Hammons Arena lifted their surrendering everything to God.

He watched as God anointed every DFL speaker, Debbie Lindell, Christine Caine, Charlotte Gambill, and Priscilla Shirer, with His grace and truth.

He watched as God did miracles: healing the sick and mending the broken.

He watched as God redeemed countless woman as they gave their lives to Christ.

“It was awesome to see how God is involved in every single aspect of the conference. From handing out cupcakes, to helping women to their seats, to cleaning up confetti and passing out bibles, it is a constant reminder that God has His hand in everything.”

What an encouraging story! It’s amazing how God used a women’s conference to speak to a dude—that’s how big our God is! I hope that you are encouraged today by understanding a little bit more about how vast and wonderful our God is. Would you like to experience God’s incredible power in an incredible way? What better way than to apply today?

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Trevor is now serving on stage as a part of the DFL 2015 choir!


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