Within 72 hours, my life changed forever.

After passing the JRLC booth the second day in Louisville, Kentucky at the National Fine Arts convention in 2012, the excitement, and quite honestly, the free t-shirt grabbed my 17-year-old Twittered out and Facebook short mind stand at attention. As I approached the booth, I met students from JRLC. The passion they had for their college sparked a hope in my heart that maybe this is where God wanted me to begin my journey as a young college student. They talked to me about the academics, the church, and how they grew in their walk with God drastically in only one year. This is JRLC… and at that moment, I decided to take charge of my life and expand my horizons.

The very next Friday, I was a student at JRLC!

Leadership College - Life Changing

One Word that Changed Everything

What one word encapsulates church, business, friendship, family, and education?  Leadership. Some would say leadership is only attained after beginning your first professional job or starting a family. However, what if you gained the knowledge to create, plan, and execute like a true leader at an early age?

A Place to Grow In Your Leadership Skills

JRLC is a unique place where students develop strong leadership skills in the context of the local church. There is no place that refines Christian leadership like JRLC.

Now you may be wondering, since this is at a church, where in the world do the academics in leadership come from?

Here’s your answer:

Through JRLC’s partnership with Evangel University in Springfield, MO, JRLC offers an Associate’s Degree in Leadership . JRLC hand-picks professors from Evangel to come to the church and teach students in intimate classroom settings. JRLC is not only for students wanting to enter some sort of church related profession, but also for those who are interested in missions, business, and media. They have many practicums where students choose to get practical experience in their area of interest.


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Great piece, Bri!

I really love your story. Thanks for sharing it, I am sure you have made an impact on the decisions students are making to come to JRLC in the final weeks until school.

Looking forward to hearing more from you!

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