What is Worship, Exactly?

love music. I love blaring a song while driving down the highway, screaming the words you know, and mumbling the ones you do not. Music is what helps me think, it helps me sort out my feelings, and it helps me stay focused. Worship is different though. Worship is your own personal connection to God, your very own direct phone line. Isn’t that amazing?

The past year and a half I have had the opportunity to grow, learn, and be inspired within the worship practicum. Each Tuesday some aspect of worship is brought to my attention which I have never thought of before. Worship is not just about singing and playing an instrument, it is so much more than that. Worship is a way of life, and this practicum really grasps this concept.

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Three Things to Love About Worship Practicum

I have decided to share three reasons why I love worship practicum so much.

1. Instead of Learning the “How”, We are Taught the “Why”

When it comes to worship many people come in and try to focus on becoming the best singer or instrumental player. This way of thinking misses the main point of worship. Why do we worship? Why do we hone in to our talents? Why? Within our worship practicum, we are taught the why, the reason behind why we do things the way we do. Once you learn the “why”, you understand the vision and it is much easier to support the vision and join the vision.

2.  It is Not just about Worship

Although worship is the main topic we focus on during practicum, the students get to be a part of something more. With each new event and production, the worship practicum students are right there in the middle of it all. Learning the ins and outs of production and actually being able to get a hands on experience is amazing! I have been able to be on stage for major productions and working back stage as well to make sure everything runs smoothly. The opportunities and changes to learn are endless.

3. The People

I have been able to work with some simply amazing people through the worship practicum. Not only do the leaders know about worship, they care about each student in the practicum personally. I have been able to talk to some of the leaders on more personal matters and they are as knowledgeable in life advice as they are in worship. I can honestly say if it were not for the leaders in the worship practicum, it would not be as amazing as it is.

Develop your strengths

 Having A Teachable Spirit

Looking back on where I was before I started the worship practicum to now, I can see a growth in myself. Leading is not about being the best, it is about having a teachable spirit. We are never going to stop learning, ever. Having a heart ready to learn and then share is what a leader’s heart should be. The worship practicum has helped me learn, it has helped me grow, and it has helped me become a better leader.


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