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My experience within the pastoral practicum has been phenomenal. On a typical day, we meet in one of the offices of the pastors that oversee our practicum and get to spend time just talking about life or questions that we may have. We get to live life together and find out what is going on in the church. After our time together, there are many different things we get to do. On occasion we make phone calls to people who are interested in joining a life group or we contact current life group leaders and see how their groups are going. It is really awesome because we also get the opportunity to pray with the people we interact with. We get to find out how they are doing or what they may be going through. It is truly awesome to do what we get to do. I never have a day where I do not want to go to practicum.

Getting to Lead OthersPriscilla-Shirer-College

I love our involvement in leading people to Christ. Here at James River, those who give their life to Jesus for the first time or those who rededicate get a brand new bible. When they come down front after accepting Christ, they are led to a side room where they pray the response prayer and are then given a New Believers Box. As a part of the Pastoral Practicum, we are engaged in the whole process. We also get to be involved with baptisms. Watching 30 people get baptized in one day is one of the coolest things you will ever experience. We are a part of changing lives, and in return it is changing ours.

Learning from Influential Leaders

Men’s Conference is another amazing part of the Pastoral Practicum. At last year’s conference, I got to sit ring side during all five boxing matches. It was an experience I will never forget. We have fun being together and getting to know one another. The people in Pastoral Practicum are some of my favorite people. We get a lot of wisdom and guidance from the pastors. One thing I have learned is that some of the most important people in the church are the ones you never hear about. The people in the background are an essential piece in ministry. I have also learned that not everything is black and white. Sometimes, there is more to a situation than a simple answer. I have learned how important it is to stay connected with people. Even when you are not a pastor, remaining connected with people is the important thing. Love God and love people. We must maintain relationships and let people know that we care about them. We do not want to get them in the Kingdom and abandon them at the gate. We have to disciple people and stay by their side through the entire process.

Pastoral Leadership - Sunday Service

 Obeying God’s Will

As if it is not evident enough already, I absolutely love the Pastoral Practicum. My experiences in this practicum will be with me forever. I want to travel the world and preach. What I have picked up from this awesome time will be a tool in my arsenal to use against the powers of darkness. If the light stays in the same spot, the dark will never come to light. God is calling us to jump into the darkness and be that light. God is looking for people that will go into the thick of it and put selfish pride away. He wants people to obey. I am so glad I listened and obeyed God in coming to JRLC.


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