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There are many times in life when we are searching and seeking God for our calling and vocation in life. We expect to hear from Him in the “craziest and coolest” ways, whatever those are. However, it is in the seemingly insignificant encounters that God speaks to us either directly or through other people.

This week is DFL week! Designed for Life 2015 will kick off on
Thursday, October 8th, and will continue until Saturday, October 10th. JQH Arena will pack in more than 8,000 women for this three day spectacular event. Every year there are countless stories and testimonies of God’s grace, goodness, and love. Lives are changed as God reveals himself to every girl who attends.

Among the thousands of stories from DFL 2014, there is one testimony in particular that is close to the heart of JRLC. This story is from JRLC Freshman, Emily Jenkins from Nixa, MO. It was during DFL 2014 that God confirmed her calling; not only her vocation, but her specific call to JRLC. Emily’s testimony is a reminder that God is the God of the impossible.

Here is Emily’s story:

“Before DFL, I had not been planning on college nor did I really even want to go. I did not have the desire for it, except to be like everyone else. I felt like I did not have what it took when it came to my education, not to mention social skills or finances. But secretly, I wished I wanted to go or felt like I could go. 

To be honest, I thought my future would consist of me working more. I thought I would continue helping my mom and my siblings and possibly write some. I was planning to more than likely take a year off from school to seek God and see what He wanted me to do next in my life. I thought it could be college, however, I was thinking more on the lines of a ministry, internship, or something big across the world. I had heard about JRLC and had an unusual excitement for it. I asked God that He would show me what I should do about college, and I asked if He would show me at DFL. Charlette Gambill

On Friday night He did. Charlotte Gambill spoke that night. She spoke a message on how Jesus calls us to “go”. He is the One who tells us to get up and go to a place we don’t want to go, especially when it involves hard work. This is when God laid on my heart to go to JRLC. To go out into the unknown and abandon the excuses of why I couldn’t. To leave the comfort of home, family, and even the comfort of the on-going family problems, that had become so familiar and in a weird, sickening way, comfortable. After God laid this on my heart it was up to me on to respond. He had called me but I had to say yes. AND I DID. “

After Emily said yes, God continued to speak to her and call her to even greater things. God called her to minister to junior high girls and to be a writer. Isn’t it incredible how God can speak so many things to one person at one conference?

“I am so thankful for God’s favor and blessings on my life at DFL 2014, and all the blessing that continued in my life afterward. DFL 2014 is the reason I am here at JRLC. God did amazing things in my life at the conference last year, and I know He will do the same for you at Designed for Life 2015!”

The God who gave Emily her college and vocation confirmations is the SAME God who will deliver you! Obey and have faith in Him and His word! No matter the situation, God will equip you to do the things he designed you to do. At Designed for Life 2015, grace, beauty, and light will be revealed on areas and aspects of your life. You simply have to trust Him. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to register Designed for Life and apply for JRLC today!


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