1. You have clearly defined your passions.

“Follow your passion.” is good advice. Sebastian Klein at Fast Company says, “most people’s passions have little connection to work or education.” For instance, you might enjoy cooking at home as a hobby, but have no desire to be a professional chef. Instead of writing off that passion as something un-usable in a career, define it better. For the one who cooks out of a desire to be creative, you may really enjoy working in media or with a start-up. For the one who is a perfectionist and is disciplined, you may enjoy something like project management or research.

Successful Students

The best way to define your passions is by using your interests to guide the opportunities you seek. Internships and practicum studies are your chance to experience passion in a career. These opportunities are where your passions connect to your purpose, and in doing so, open up a world of potential. You know that if you do what you love, you will love what you do. Passions can be the key motivators that push you further, higher, longer, bigger and better in your chosen profession. They are what drive you to greatness and enable you to be your best.

2. You play to your strengths.

Playing to your strengths helps you go beyond the boundaries of what you thought was possible. Everyone has strengths. We are all born with incredible talents and gifts that, when identified and utilized, help us live to our full potential. In fact, Gallup studies have discovered that the most effective leaders and employees invest in, and operate out of, their strengths. As a result, they are far more engaged, productive, and likely to keep a job longer.

Take Jiro as an example. At age 85, he is regarded as the world’s greatest sushi chef. His commitment to discipline, perfectionism, and integrity has made him a global icon in the restaurant world. Guests make reservations months in advance and pay top dollar to occupy one of the 10 seats at his small restaurant located in a Tokyo subway station. On the surface we see Jiro, a great sushi master, but it is who he is that makes him great at what he does. The core strengths he possesses are perfectly suited for the craft he so loves, and out of that his true potential is recognized. As a successful student, you recognize the strengths where your potential lies.

3. You recognize how to bring it all together.

Many college bound students enter their higher education journey bringing raw potential just begging to be developed. You have learned how applying your strengths to your passions is like finding the sweet spot, the perfect combination for success.

Today, I see countless students realizing their full potential as they follow these steps. For me, I realized my full potential at JRLC. The team helped discover my core passions and talents and how to apply them to accomplish the purpose for my life. James River Church’s leadership college brought definition to my career path and who I was in Christ. It has been my experience that in recognizing how your passions, strengths, and destiny align, you will succeed no matter where you venture.


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