Well, it is almost that time again. A time where you incoming college freshmen are getting ready to leave the nest for the first time and experience a freedom that you never have before. It is a time where you will make decisions for yourselves and begin to see what being an adult is really like. It is a time where you will begin this crazy journey called life. Before you start this new adventure, here are Ten Tips to help you along the way.

10. Start Learning Healthy Eating Habits

When college begins, it is so easy to start eating things that are simple to prepare or fast to get. If you are not careful, your diet can soon consist of McDonalds and Ramen. Those things are alright every once in a while, but not for every meal.

9. Shop for your Dorm and Books Now

There are many people who wait until the very last minute to purchase their books and items for their dorms. By the time they actually get around to doing it, the things that they want/need are already gone. Start buying things now so that when move in time comes along, you are ready to go and are not stressed about getting things.

8. Work on Time Management Skills

As soon as classes start, things get hectic. You will have an assignment for this class, a project for another class, a paper for a different class, friends wanting to hang out, a worried mother blowing up your phone, and random things that pop up every moment. It is important to manage your time so that you get all of the things done for your classes, social time with friends, keep your mother worry free, and also get some good sleep because that is extremely important.

7. Apply for Scholarships

Many students are unable to attend college because they simply cannot afford it. That is why there are these amazing things out there called “Scholarships.” It is practically free money and most of them only require you to fill out a few forms and maybe write a paper or two. This seems worth the time if it means free money for school. Take advantage of them!

6. Keep Connected with Family and Close Friends

When you enter into an environment that is not completely familiar to you, things can get a little overwhelming. It is important to have your family and close friends to talk to when things get stressful. Do not put them on the back burner when you start getting too busy. Make contact with them a priority. They will be a huge help when things get crazy.

5. Be Prepared to Live with People who are VERY Different from You

Getting along with your roommate(s) is extremely crucial. They are the people you will live with for the rest of the year. Do not let little things bother you. Everyone has a few things about them that are annoying; even you do. Look past the small stuff. However, if there is a big issue that is bothering you, talk to your roommate face to face about it and be sure to talk to him or her when you are not in an irritated mood.

4. Make a Budget

Money is a huge part of college. Without it, you will not be able to survive. Make a budget for how much you want to spend in certain areas each month. Groceries, gas, and entertainment are just a few of the things you will be spending your money on. Make sure it is spent wisely because you could end up with an empty bank account without even realizing it.

3. Get Involved

There is more to college than just waking up, going to class, coming back from class, doing homework, and going to bed. There are many activities going on, and it is important to get involved in something that you enjoy. This is a great opportunity to meet new people and be a part of something bigger than yourself.

2. Be Yourself

Fitting in may seem like the most important thing when you get to college. Having that tight group of friends may seem so close, yet so far away. Be patient–friends will come. In the meantime, stay true to who you are. Do not pretend to be somebody else because no one likes a fake person.The friends who accept and love you for who you are are the ones who will be the best and stay around the longest.

1. Make God THE Priority, not just A Priority

It is easy for students to stray from their faith after high school. This new freedom and busy schedule causes them to bump out God and church. This is the worst thing you can possibly do. Stay firm in your faith and get plugged in to a local church. There will be many ups and downs in this college journey, and having an anchor in Jesus Christ will be what gets you through it all.


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This is such helpful information for any student trying to survive in college. Being on staff at a college, another helpful tip that I find is to get your financial stuff ready to go ahead of time. It is amazing how many people don’t apply for FAFSA with only a week left until school. Thinking through those logistics is critical.

Great stuff, I always enjoy your writing.

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